Céline Amendola leans on a wallCéline Amendola leans on a wallCéline Amendola leans on a wallCéline Amendola leans on a wall

Creative Heads: Céline Amendola – artist

Creative Heads: Céline Amendola – artist

May 2022

In 2015 Swiss artist Céline Amendola founded an independent artist-run gallery in Glasgow with two friends, Adam Lewis Jacob and Michael White. Operating out of a shared apartment, their intention has been to diversify the make-up of Glasgow’s art scene by hosting exhibitions and performances by emerging local and international peers who are not currently afforded a voice by the city’s established curatorial circles.

In this episode of Creative Heads Céline Amendola explains what brought her to Glasgow, why she loves the city, and how she co-founded Gallery Céline. Gallery Céline is an artist-run exhibition space that takes a casual approach to ‘directorship’ through practices such as curatorial takeovers, running the space with the notion of not wanting to use curatorial positions as a platform for authorial agendas to be played out through the works of others.

“What is important to understand about the gallery is that we run it as artists and not as curators. That’s our main approach to how we engage with the artists we work with. I’m always either working on my artistic practice or working on the gallery’s projects. When nothing is happening in my own practice, there’s the gallery. I think one feeds the other in quite a nice way. I get to meet and engage with people in a waythat serves both the gallery and myself as an artist. I think that’s what weall get here by running this space.”