Match International d’Improvisation

Match International d’Improvisation

March 2023

An evening of imagination, laughter and quick wit, where players from Québec, Switzerland, Wallonia and other French-speaking regions will take the audience on a hilarious journey.

Based on subjects chosen by an impartial referee, a selection of professional players from Québec, Switzerland, Wallonia and other French-speaking regions will need to redouble their creativity for this exceptional meeting… The Match d’Improvisation is a form of spontaneous expression inspired by the unconscious and make-believe, fantastic poetical stories, often hilarious, invented on the spot.

Laura Turcatti will bring her Swiss skills to the event. Laura Turcatti is a Swiss-Uruguayan actress. She graduated from "Classe Libre" at Cours Florent Acting School in Paris. She has since worked in Paris, Geneva and London both on stage and in short films. She is a formidable improviser and will join the FBI (French British Improvisation) against the LNI (Ligue d’Improvisation Nationale du Québec) for an epic improvised battle show.

These performances started over 40 years ago and are modelled on ice hockey games. The theatrical ad-lib matches use the ceremony, the outfits and the referees, but the stick and the puck are replaced by imagination, words and gestures.

The evening is organised for Francophonie month by the Québec Government office in London, the High Commission of Canada in the United Kingdom, the Embassy of Switzerland in the United Kingdom, and the Representative of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation in the UK.

Date: Wednesday, 29 March 2023, 7.30 p.m.

Venue: The Tabernacle Theatre in London, W11 2AY

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