Tour of the UK - Cardiff: Swiss-Welsh Life Science Dialogue

Tour of the UK - Cardiff: Swiss-Welsh Life Science Dialogue

June 2022

Throughout the month of June, the Swiss Embassy is touring the UK, with events and meetings held in Cambridge, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Belfast, Manchester, Bristol, Cardiff and Oxford to highlight the many links between Switzerland and the UK.

The Embassy of Switzerland in the UK and the Swiss Business Hub UK & Ireland will be jointly holding an event in Cardiff on Tuesday 28 June in order to facilitate a Life Science dialogue between Switzerland and Wales.

Switzerland is home to a globally unique Life Sciences cluster. In addition to chemical and pharmaceutical firms, this encompasses a dense network of medtech, biotech and nanotech companies. Thanks to leading universities, research-based pharmaceutical companies and the availability of high-quality scientists, the Swiss Life Sciences industry is among the most innovative and productive worldwide.

The Welsh Life Sciences industry currently employs more than 12,000 people in over 360 companies with an approximate turnover of £2bn. Wales has world-leading academic expertise and a central Life Sciences Hub, which drives innovation and collaboration between industry, health, social care and academia.

This event will provide an opportunity for participants to discuss how the Life Sciences sectors in Wales and Switzerland are developing, as well as showcasing the experience of the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche as a Swiss Life Science company operating successfully in the UK.

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Further information on this event and how to register can be found here.